So what's Round Table all about then?

We meet up every other Tuesday evening for some sort of fun event. Stuff like Go-Karting, Brewery Tours, Magician Lessons, Bike Pub Crawls, Bush Tucker Barbecues, Comedy Nights etc. We'll also usually go to the pub on a Friday night once a month as well. 

Then throughout the year we raise money for Hitchin/Letchworth-based charities and good causes through a few events that we run or partner in. We're quite well known for the Christmas Collections. So if you've seen Father Christmas and his sleigh blaring out cheesey Christmas music shaking tins and knocking on doors at Christmas time. That's us. We also run the Hitchin Beer Festival every summer with CAMRA and the Hitchin Rugby Club. 

We also do one-off fundraising events such as bike rides from Hitchin to Brighton. And here and there, we'll lend our manpower to worthwhile causes that need us in the town.

Everything is optional. Most of us have busy lives, kids, jobs. So there's no expectation to be at everything. Far from it. We organise the Tuesday nights among ourselves so it's good form to sort a couple of those out a year. 

One Tuesday a quarter is a business meeting where we decide together on where we'll donate our raised funds and what things we're going to do for the months ahead.

And finally there's an annual AGM where we elect a new Chairman and President and report on how the year's gone, and plan for the year ahead.

How much does it cost?

The first two events are free for prospective members. So you can check us out and see if you like it.

Then we usually get you to setup a direct debit of £30 a month to cover the costs of your Tuesday nights which goes into your dinner account. We typically work to a budget of about £15 quid per person, per event. Obviously, some events are more, and some events are less so it usually evens out. And naturally, you won't be able to make it to every event. You only get charged from your dinner account for events you attend. And if you have any surplus at the end of the year, we transfer that back to you.

What sort of people do it?

Normal blokes aged 18-45 who live in Hitchin and Letchworth. That's pretty much it. There's no requirement beyond that.

Once you hit 45 you're booted out. So it keeps it fresh. Don't worry, we've got something for you once you age out called XRT. And once you're too old for that. There's 41 Club.

For the ladies, there's Ladies Circle.

Is it a cult?

No it's not a cult. We don't sacrifice anything either. Well. At least not that anyone who's currently in it can remember.

How do I join?

You can drop Matt an email at or fill in the form below and we can arrange going for a quick pint with a couple of us so you can suss out if it's a good fit for you.

Or just book yourself in as a Prospective Member to any of the events on the front page and just show up. No charge for the first couple of events. It's on us. And then if you like it (and at least two of us like you) then you're in. And it's just a DD of £30 quid a month.


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